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About NPC

The National Productivity Corporation (NPC) is a statutory organization under the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI). As a ISO 9001:2000, certified organisation (Registration No. AR1404), They are committed to render excellent service quality specifically to the industries and public in general. Their prime goal is to facilitate the industry to enhance their P&Q initiatives for better competitiveness at the local and international levels.

It is also formerly known as the National Productivity Centre, was established in 1962 as a joint project between the United Nations Special Fund and the Federal Government, with the International Labour Organisation acting as its executing agency.

In 1966, the National Productivity Council (Incorporation) Act No. 19 was passed making the Centre an autonomous body. It was later amended as the National Productivity Council (Incorporation) (Amendment) Act A305 1975, to cater for expansion of the Centre’s role. This act was subsequently amended as the National Productivity Centre (Incorporation) (Amendment) Act A801 1991.

With the Act coming into effect on 1 December 1991, the National Productivity Council became the National Productivity Corporation. In keeping with the expanded role of the Corporation, the Act was further amended to become National Productivity Corporation (Incorporation)(Amendment) Act 1995.

Products and Services

Their prime goal is to facilitate the industry to enhance their P&Q initiatives for better competitiveness at the local and international levels.

In their strive towards greater competitiveness through enhanced P&Q, NPC has in line numerous P&Q Products and Services that could assist your industry.

Some of their P&Q Products and Services are:

  • Training
  • Systems Development
  • Productivity Report
  • Total Factor Productivity (TFP)
  • Resource Information Centre
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Digi Join the “Free Internet” Club with its Brand-New Smart Prepaid

digi-smart-prepaidAlbeit all the frustrating news surrounding the GST charges on prepaid reloads, local telcos are still looking into alternative ways to provide better values for their respective customers. On June 2015, Xpax has unveiled their limited-edition prepaid offering called “Magic SIM”. Priced at a super-affordable price of RM5 per pack, the Xpax’s Magic SIM is slated to offer consumers more free internet than any other telcos in the market. Among the benefits is free basic internet at 64kbps speed as well as unlimited messaging services for WhatsApp, WeChat and LINE throughout the validity period.

Joining the “prepaid-with-free-internet” bandwagon is Digi, which recently revealed its brand-new Smart Prepaid. Priced at RM10 per starter pack, the Smart Prepaid offers free basic internet that allows you to use Facebook Lite, Twitter and web browsing services at 64kbps speed. On top of that, you also get free unlimited calls and SMS by connecting three of your favourite Digi numbers. If that’s not enough, there are free unlimited social messaging as well including KaKao Talk, LINE, WhatsApp and WeChat.

The Smart Prepaid starter pack comes with RM7 preloaded credit value available for 7-day validity period. For prepaid mobile internet add-ons, you only have to top up starting from as low as RM1 per day with 20MB of high-speed quota to the maximum speed of 3GB at RM48 per month.

As for the rest of the rates, voice calls are charged at 30 cents per minute and SMS are charged at 8 cents each. The new Digi Smart Prepaid can be purchased via Digi’s online store. Alternatively, existing Digi prepaid users (with the exception of Digi Prepaid Best v4) is allowed to convert to Smart Prepaid by dialing *128*1*4# on your smartphone. Do note that a one-time fee of RM5 will be charged directly from your main balance.


Residents in Kelantan to Enjoy TM Unifi Service as Early as August 2015

For those who live in Kelantan and has been dreading for high-speed broadband internet service, the good news has finally arrived as TM Unifi will be unveiled as early as August 2015. The only catch is as of now, the service only available in the Kota Bharu district – the town areas of Kubang Kerian and Pengkalan Chepa. This will include the installation of three telephone exchanges in the affected areas.


According to the General Manager of Telekom Malaysia (TM) for Kelantan region, Ab Rashid Che Othman, he is expected to see 5,000 people subscribing to the Unifi service by March next year. However, Ab Rashid has also revealed that TM would not provide Streamyx service in areas already covered by the Unifi service.

“But in places with Streamyx and if there are requests for Unifi service, they can have both,” he added.

Apparently this is not the first time that a similar statement has been made in 2013. Back then, Deputy Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Jailani Johari announced the Unifi services are expected to roll out by the end of the year in Kelantan.


Improve Your Marketing Using Custom Label Stickers

If you have a business but you only have a very limited marketing budget, you don’t need to hurt your pocket to invest on expensive marketing methods. There are inexpensive ways to get your target customer’s attention all you have to do is to know what will work best to your clients and potential clients. For all you know, those little things can really go a long way as far as marketing your products are concerned.

One great idea that can improve your marketing is by using custom label stickers. PTC Label Sdn Bhd, is a full service high-quality printing company located in Selangor, Malaysia. They provide the best value in high quality full color printing at an affordable price.

You might be thinking what good can these label stickers can offer to your business in terms of improving product marketing. Well, the obvious reasons is that it is inexpensive, catchy, effective and wide reaching depending of course on how good your strategy is. Below are some marketing strategies that you can apply with the use of custom label stickers.

First of all you want these custom label stickers on your products. Common sense, right? While this idea is indeed common, a lot of businesses failed to recognize its advertising and brand recall power. Many products doesn’t even have simple label on it. Which is why even how good the product is the end user will never know who manufactured it because they cannot find any label anywhere on the product. How else can they buy the product again especially of it is not easily recognizable. You absolutely don’t want that to happen, right? Stick your custom label stickers on all of your products and never let a single customer slip away.

Use custom label stickers on your promotional items. You can make use of those promotional items that can be used in a daily basis like pens and notepads. These are just some of the most inexpensive promotional items that people would certainly use in a regular basis. Sticking custom made stickers on these items can greatly increase your marketing reach.

Another great place to stick your custom label stickers is on your different correspondence. It could be a simple letter, postcard, tender and the like. Also, it won’t hurt if you stick your label sticker on every envelope or folder you send out. Envelopes are handed from one person to another, thus it is a good way to market your product and business as a whole.


Factors To Consider Before Launching An Event Marketing

Most business owners are very interested in anything that can promote their business effectively more than flyers and other forms of print advertising. They are willing to spend and invest money on promoting their business as long as it gives them high yields in return.

If you are one of the business owners who are seriously thinking of increasing your business sales, popularity and brand recall, you might as well invest on event marketing. What is event marketing? It simply means, promoting your business through an event that is related to your business where you can promote your products and at the same time sell them directly to your target customers or perform services.

There are many different and unique types of event marketing that you can apply base on your objectives and needs. It can be as simple as entertainment event, sporting event, charity and many others. The key to getting the utmost result from event marketing is to decide on which event suits your company best.

How to know the right event for your business needs? There are few important things to consider when it comes to planning and producing event marketing for your business.

  • You have to have an idea about the type of events that appeals to your end market. This is a very important factor to consider because if you fail to determine what appeals to them then you will miss the chance to get noticed by your target market and eventually increase your sales. For example, you are not likely to stage sporting event to promote hair care and make ups. Does that make sense?
  • Make sure to plan and produce an event that has value to the attending guests. You don’t want them to get tired hearing all product and service information. What you do want is to give them something worth their while like giving them free samples, discounts, privilege cards and most especially allow them to have fun in your event. Remember, this is your chance to promote your business, so make sure you are promoting effectively.
  • Make your customers feel special by personally mingling with them. Promote your product actively but not aggressively. You are there to promote and at the same time know your customers better not to hard sell something they probably not ready to buy.
  • If you are unsure about DIY event marketing, you can always count on events specialist. Creative Paramedics is the most trusted event marketing agencies in Malaysia. They are trained professionals that have better know-hows in terms of producing highly successful events where your company can benefit from.



Why Is Car Parking Sensor Important?

parking-sensorA car parking sensor is a proximity sensor designed for vehicles to alert the driver whenever there is an obstacle while parking. The popularity of car parking sensor is rapidly increasing simply because a lot of people finds it really useful. Without car parking sensor there is a high possibility of damaging your car while you park because you can’t see clearly what’s going on behind your vehicle.

If you are worried about damaging your car every time you park your vehicle, you might as well consider installing car parking sensor. Nowadays, it is but usual for us to park in a congested parking lot. In that case, it is pretty much an effort to park your car without damaging it and other cars as well. Here are some practical reasons why installing car parking sensor is important.

  • It let’s you determine the space between your vehicle and the surrounding objects. Hence, you have full control on when and where to stop the car as you park. To put it simply, safety is the key benefit of car parking sensor.
  • In cases where your only choice is to park in small parking spaces, a car parking sensor can be your savior. It has a facility that allows you to park your car in diverse angles without denting it.
  • It safeguards your car and other travellers as well as car sensors are now available in several types according to the type of your vehicle. In fact, the percentage of car accidents following the usage of car sensors was reduced to 75%. Maxaudio is the leading company that offers the best car sensor brands in Malaysia that accepts worldwide delivery.

The above-mentioned benefits are just few of the many benefits of car parking sensors. Thus, if you love your car and you are concerned about your safety you might you better invest on car parking sensor. After all, it is you who will benefit from it. No amount of money can actually equal to your own safety.

Furniture Ideas To Help You Decorate Kid’s Bedroom

kids-bedroomAdults love to decorate their own rooms. They know exactly what they want, why they want it and where to buy it. They even have a list of furniture and exact perfect color for everything. But what happens when these same adults are asked to decorate kids’ room? Will they have enough ideas on how to decorate it appropriately to kids liking? Maybe some will feel as confident as they are in decorating their own rooms but I am sure that there are others that will find the task rather challenging.

If you belong to the last group I mentioned, then this article is for you. There are just few things that you need to consider in decorating kid’s bedroom and these are the theme, furniture and accessories. When you have decided about the theme, it would then be easier for you to look for the right furniture and bedroom accessories. Below are some suggestions that can be useful for you in decorating your child’s bedroom.

Bedroom Theme

As I mentioned earlier, you have to think and decide first for the bedroom theme. Once you have this figure out, you can easily think of great furniture, beddings, accessories and it would then be easier for you to mix and combine colors. The bedroom theme will determine if you will pick dark or light colored stuffs to fill the room.

There are some classic design and theme that you may want to employ on your child’s bedroom. These are fairytales, nautical and Disney characters. Some kids, though still young, have developed certain preferences. You may try to ask your children as you might be able to get ideas from them too.

Bedroom Furniture and Accessories

It is the bedroom accessories that are responsible in creating a certain look and aura inside the room. When choosing for bedroom furniture and accessories, you have to consider the theme. You may look for the most fitting comforters, quilts, canopies, drapes, book cases as well as hanging storage that can well compliment to the bedroom’s motif.

Beautiful kid’s bedroom has good effects on children as kids are naturally imaginative. Carefully chosen furniture and accessories can create a fantastic outcome that children will enjoy all throughout their early years and a good memory to rekindle in their later life. Tomato kidz has wide range of kid’s bedroom furniture and accessories that can be matched to almost every theme you may have for kid’s bedroom.

One thing to remember when shopping for kid’s bedroom furniture and accessories is Quality. Your child is precious and therefore, you have to protect your child from any harm cause by low quality furniture. Theme and designs are great, but as long as your child gets the best high quality furniture, designs and color will never be a problem at all.

Stormwater Management And Road Tunnel

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The Stormwater Management And Road Tunnel (SMART Tunnel) is constructed to set as storm drainage and road structure in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. This is because, every year tropical storms gust Malaysia causing its rivers to rage and overflow destroying the beautiful city. The tunnel has two components, the storm water tunnel and the motorway tunnel. Hence, its role is not just to solve the flash floods issue of Kuala Lumpur but also to address traffic problems during rush hours.

This is considered as major project of the country today as it is noted as the second longest storm water tunnel in South East Asia which is equivalent to 500 Olympic size swimming pools. The project is set to end within the aimed 4 years of construction.

Your Guide In Choosing The Right Exterior Paint

If you are to choose a wall paint for your new house, you need to consider this one important element – the paint finish. Speaking of paint finish, there are many different types of exterior paint finishes that you can choose from. However, you can’t just pick any type, you need to choose the most appropriate finish that will suit to your exterior wall. Remember this rule of thumb, not all paint finish are equally the same and would go perfectly well to any types of surface.

To help you identify the right paint finish for your specific wall type, familiarize yourself of the the exterior paint choices below. Understand each type and choose the most suitable paint. You may also find relevant information on different types of paint at

Flat finish:

This type of paint finish would produce a very clean yet elegant look to your exterior wall. If you prefer having a simple and fresh looking paint finish then this is a good choice. However, take note that this type of paint finish do not display any gloss and shine even after it is completely applied on the wall. To give you an idea of its end result, it looks pretty much like an egg shell.

Also, light doesn’t reflect through this type of paint and the best part of it is that it is very easy to clean. If you are particular about having a clean wall at all times, you may want to consider flat finish as you can easily do the cleaning yourself in case you have to. This type of paint however is not suitable for metallic and wooden surfaces. Hence, it is not meant for door handles, window panes and the like. You can be sure though of its durability as this type of paint is considered as the most enduring paint finishes to date.

Textured Fnish:

This type of paint is normally used for exterior wall painting since it is rough and sturdy which is perfect for exterior use. Textured finish is the most preferred exterior paint today as it is durable enough to bear heat, rain, wind and dust which is normal in a changing season. Textured finish produces a great end result as it is thick and makes your wall looks sturdier and stronger. There are variety of ways to apply this type of paint to achieve your desired texture by the use of different brushes. However, regardless of what type of texture you want to achieve, exteriors painted in textured finish generally looks stunnining.

Gloss Finish:

A gloss finish can also be a great choice if you want to achieve glossy finish. When this type of paint is applied completely, it produces high sheen hence, it is best use to higlight specific area on your wall as it will really emphasize that area effectively. You can also use it to paint surfaces such as door frames, window panes, door knobs and the like. As for the right color scheme, you can checkout available color charts to come up with a great color combination for your exterior wall.

Satin Finish:

This type of paint finish is kind of glossy but only moderately shiny compared to glossy paints. You can use this type of paint in painting the entire exterior wall surface without having to worry about how it will look like after it is completely applied because it is generally attractive in most cases. With this type of paint finish you can expect of low level of dirt and dust which is an advantage if you want your wall to always look tidy. It will also aid faster and shorter amount of time spent on cleaning as dirt and dust can’t stick hard enough on your wall. Lastly, satin paints can endure the heat of the sun, rain and dirt pretty well.

The Advantages Of Water Ionizers

Water ionization is one of the most marvelous creations ever made. It was developed and refined by a Japanese company that started the automated ionization machines for hospital use in the year 1974. Japanese are known to be very conscious of their health. They believe in preventive medicines and at the same time, they place high value on the importance of keeping the body in alkaline state.

Today, most individuals are getting more information and education on how they can keep their body healthy. Many people have now realized that illnesses including dreaded diseases can actually develop in an acidic environment. On that note, even horrible disease such as cancer can hit anyone when the body’s alkaline state is not maintained. That is why we must understand and appreciate the importance proper hydration and antioxidants in our body.

To produce alkaline water you will need a water ionizer to split the water into: Alkaline and streams acid. This process is called electrolysis. Its end result replicates the natural process of ionization retaining the minerals needed by the human body. Knowing this, many people have supported in-home water ionizers to produce a much healthier substitute for bottled and tap water. Below are some of the advantages of water ionizer that can probably convince you to have it for your own personal use.

  • Water ionizer is a good source of natural antioxidant because it carries negative oxidation reduction potential (ORP).
  • Water ionizer produces hydroxyl ions needed to improve the amount of oxygen in human body. In addition, hydroxyl ions maintains a good balance of alkaline and acid in the body and help hydrate the cells.
  • Ionized water can effectively counterbalance damaging free radicals and help minimize the symptoms of aging.
  • Ionized water can boost energy and keep your body six times more hydrated as compared to drinking tap water.
  • Ionized water help decrease acid reflux while reducing the body’s acidity level and protect it from sickness and occurrence of chronic diseases.

Ionized water cannot be placed inside a bottle as it will release the negative charge. That is the reason why one must have a water ionizer at home. When choosing a water ionizer, be sure to look for a company or manufacturer that produces only high quality products that is backed with solid and extensive research.

Bear in mind that a water ionizer must undergone several required tests and must able to meet high standards for both ionized water system and filter. Also, it is recommended to look for water ionizer that has extended warranty to make sure that you will get the value of your money. Lastly, it is worthwhile to choose a company that manufactures and controls the whole manufacturing process starting from parts testing to final production. One of the most trusted online suppliers of water ionizers is Check out their website to learn more.

5 Favourite Food for Parties


Is your baby girl turning two, or your brother is pursuing postgraduate studies overseas, or your parents’ 40th anniversary coming soon? Whatever party or gathering you are planning to throw, always consider food your crowd pleasers while the centre of the party can surround on your girl, brother or parents. Whether you are catering your own food or ordering them through external parties, here are some no-fail party crowd pleasers bound to keep the gathering lively.

1. Fried/grilled chicken


Choose parts of a chicken that are easy to consume. Drumsticks and wings are top choices due to their excellent flavours. Fried chicken is well accepted by most people, other than your vegan friends. A grilling party enables guests to join in the grilling fun while socialising with new and old friends.

2. Skewered food


Arrange different food to go on skewers! They can very well be a mix and match of green leaves, onions, capsicums, tomatoes, sausages, shrimps and meat cutlets. Play with the colour palette as you skewer on. Season with salt and pepper and grill them. If you wish, you can marinade the meat beforehand to enhance its fragrance. Don’t have a grill? Cook the meat first and skewer it along with lettuce, meatballs and more vegetables. If your friends and family like it, why not make some satays? Try your dipping sauce first so that it will not ruin the meat.

3. Nachos

Nachos or any other chips can go along with a variety of dips. Some of the popular dips can include minced meat which adds in more surprises and satisfies tummies! Throwing a vegan party? Opt for a salsa dip without the meat. Sour cream alone can be a plain, good dip. You can also buy packaged dips in markets.

4. Butter cakes

These are convenient alternatives to heavy desserts filled with cream, loaded with sugar and cheeses. Butter cakes are whimsical party pleasers especially when topped with toasted nuts or sweet raisins, marbled with chocolate batter or swirled with coffee flavour. Buy delectable butter cakes made by Fuji Bakery at your nearest hypermarket. View the list of retail sellers at

5. Sandwich

Sandwiches are effortless to make as long as you assemble the right ingredients. The meat can go from canned sardine to freshly made shredded beef, lamb or poultry. Give it some crunchy bite with fresh cabbages or lettuce. Cheese slices can be serve cold or melted. Add in mayonnaise or other sauces for better flavour. Depending on your taste, you can toast the sandwiches or leave them as they are.