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About NPC

The National Productivity Corporation (NPC) is a statutory organization under the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI). As a ISO 9001:2000, certified organisation (Registration No. AR1404), They are committed to render excellent service quality specifically to the industries and public in general. Their prime goal is to facilitate the industry to enhance their P&Q initiatives for better competitiveness at the local and international levels.

It is also formerly known as the National Productivity Centre, was established in 1962 as a joint project between the United Nations Special Fund and the Federal Government, with the International Labour Organisation acting as its executing agency.

In 1966, the National Productivity Council (Incorporation) Act No. 19 was passed making the Centre an autonomous body. It was later amended as the National Productivity Council (Incorporation) (Amendment) Act A305 1975, to cater for expansion of the Centre’s role. This act was subsequently amended as the National Productivity Centre (Incorporation) (Amendment) Act A801 1991.

With the Act coming into effect on 1 December 1991, the National Productivity Council became the National Productivity Corporation. In keeping with the expanded role of the Corporation, the Act was further amended to become National Productivity Corporation (Incorporation)(Amendment) Act 1995.

Products and Services

Their prime goal is to facilitate the industry to enhance their P&Q initiatives for better competitiveness at the local and international levels.

In their strive towards greater competitiveness through enhanced P&Q, NPC has in line numerous P&Q Products and Services that could assist your industry.

Some of their P&Q Products and Services are:

  • Training
  • Systems Development
  • Productivity Report
  • Total Factor Productivity (TFP)
  • Resource Information Centre
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Furniture Ideas To Help You Decorate Kid’s Bedroom

Adults love to decorate their own rooms. They know exactly what they want, why they want it and where to buy it. They even have a list of furniture and exact perfect color for everything. But what happens when these same adults are asked to decorate kids’ room? Will they have enough ideas on how to decorate it appropriately to kids liking? Maybe some will feel as confident as they are in decorating their own rooms but I am sure that there are others that will find the task rather challenging.

If you belong to the last group I mentioned, then this article is for you. There are just few things that you need to consider in decorating kid’s bedroom and these are the theme, furniture and accessories. When you have decided about the theme, it would then be easier for you to look for the right furniture and bedroom accessories. Below are some suggestions that can be useful for you in decorating your child’s bedroom.

Bedroom Theme

As I mentioned earlier, you have to think and decide first for the bedroom theme. Once you have this figure out, you can easily think of great furniture, beddings, accessories and it would then be easier for you to mix and combine colors. The bedroom theme will determine if you will pick dark or light colored stuffs to fill the room.

There are some classic design and theme that you may want to employ on your child’s bedroom. These are fairytales, nautical and Disney characters. Some kids, though still young, have developed certain preferences. You may try to ask your children as you might be able to get ideas from them too.

Bedroom Furniture and Accessories

It is the bedroom accessories that are responsible in creating a certain look and aura inside the room. When choosing for bedroom furniture and accessories, you have to consider the theme. You may look for the most fitting comforters, quilts, canopies, drapes, book cases as well as hanging storage that can well compliment to the bedroom’s motif.

Beautiful kid’s bedroom has good effects on children as kids are naturally imaginative. Carefully chosen furniture and accessories can create a fantastic outcome that children will enjoy all throughout their early years and a good memory to rekindle in their later life. Tomato kidz has wide range of kid’s bedroom furniture and accessories that can be matched to almost every theme you may have for kid’s bedroom.

One thing to remember when shopping for kid’s bedroom furniture and accessories is Quality. Your child is precious and therefore, you have to protect your child from any harm cause by low quality furniture. Theme and designs are great, but as long as your child gets the best high quality furniture, designs and color will never be a problem at all.

Stormwater Management And Road Tunnel

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The Stormwater Management And Road Tunnel (SMART Tunnel) is constructed to set as storm drainage and road structure in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. This is because, every year tropical storms gust Malaysia causing its rivers to rage and overflow destroying the beautiful city. The tunnel has two components, the storm water tunnel and the motorway tunnel. Hence, its role is not just to solve the flash floods issue of Kuala Lumpur but also to address traffic problems during rush hours.

This is considered as major project of the country today as it is noted as the second longest storm water tunnel in South East Asia which is equivalent to 500 Olympic size swimming pools. The project is set to end within the aimed 4 years of construction.

Your Guide In Choosing The Right Exterior Paint

If you are to choose a wall paint for your new house, you need to consider this one important element – the paint finish. Speaking of paint finish, there are many different types of exterior paint finishes that you can choose from. However, you can’t just pick any type, you need to choose the most appropriate finish that will suit to your exterior wall. Remember this rule of thumb, not all paint finish are equally the same and would go perfectly well to any types of surface.

To help you identify the right paint finish for your specific wall type, familiarize yourself of the the exterior paint choices below. Understand each type and choose the most suitable paint. You may also find relevant information on different types of paint at

Flat finish:

This type of paint finish would produce a very clean yet elegant look to your exterior wall. If you prefer having a simple and fresh looking paint finish then this is a good choice. However, take note that this type of paint finish do not display any gloss and shine even after it is completely applied on the wall. To give you an idea of its end result, it looks pretty much like an egg shell.

Also, light doesn’t reflect through this type of paint and the best part of it is that it is very easy to clean. If you are particular about having a clean wall at all times, you may want to consider flat finish as you can easily do the cleaning yourself in case you have to. This type of paint however is not suitable for metallic and wooden surfaces. Hence, it is not meant for door handles, window panes and the like. You can be sure though of its durability as this type of paint is considered as the most enduring paint finishes to date.

Textured Fnish:

This type of paint is normally used for exterior wall painting since it is rough and sturdy which is perfect for exterior use. Textured finish is the most preferred exterior paint today as it is durable enough to bear heat, rain, wind and dust which is normal in a changing season. Textured finish produces a great end result as it is thick and makes your wall looks sturdier and stronger. There are variety of ways to apply this type of paint to achieve your desired texture by the use of different brushes. However, regardless of what type of texture you want to achieve, exteriors painted in textured finish generally looks stunnining.

Gloss Finish:

A gloss finish can also be a great choice if you want to achieve glossy finish. When this type of paint is applied completely, it produces high sheen hence, it is best use to higlight specific area on your wall as it will really emphasize that area effectively. You can also use it to paint surfaces such as door frames, window panes, door knobs and the like. As for the right color scheme, you can checkout available color charts to come up with a great color combination for your exterior wall.

Satin Finish:

This type of paint finish is kind of glossy but only moderately shiny compared to glossy paints. You can use this type of paint in painting the entire exterior wall surface without having to worry about how it will look like after it is completely applied because it is generally attractive in most cases. With this type of paint finish you can expect of low level of dirt and dust which is an advantage if you want your wall to always look tidy. It will also aid faster and shorter amount of time spent on cleaning as dirt and dust can’t stick hard enough on your wall. Lastly, satin paints can endure the heat of the sun, rain and dirt pretty well.

The Advantages Of Water Ionizers

Water ionization is one of the most marvelous creations ever made. It was developed and refined by a Japanese company that started the automated ionization machines for hospital use in the year 1974. Japanese are known to be very conscious of their health. They believe in preventive medicines and at the same time, they place high value on the importance of keeping the body in alkaline state.

Today, most individuals are getting more information and education on how they can keep their body healthy. Many people have now realized that illnesses including dreaded diseases can actually develop in an acidic environment. On that note, even horrible disease such as cancer can hit anyone when the body’s alkaline state is not maintained. That is why we must understand and appreciate the importance proper hydration and antioxidants in our body.

To produce alkaline water you will need a water ionizer to split the water into: Alkaline and streams acid. This process is called electrolysis. Its end result replicates the natural process of ionization retaining the minerals needed by the human body. Knowing this, many people have supported in-home water ionizers to produce a much healthier substitute for bottled and tap water. Below are some of the advantages of water ionizer that can probably convince you to have it for your own personal use.

  • Water ionizer is a good source of natural antioxidant because it carries negative oxidation reduction potential (ORP).
  • Water ionizer produces hydroxyl ions needed to improve the amount of oxygen in human body. In addition, hydroxyl ions maintains a good balance of alkaline and acid in the body and help hydrate the cells.
  • Ionized water can effectively counterbalance damaging free radicals and help minimize the symptoms of aging.
  • Ionized water can boost energy and keep your body six times more hydrated as compared to drinking tap water.
  • Ionized water help decrease acid reflux while reducing the body’s acidity level and protect it from sickness and occurrence of chronic diseases.

Ionized water cannot be placed inside a bottle as it will release the negative charge. That is the reason why one must have a water ionizer at home. When choosing a water ionizer, be sure to look for a company or manufacturer that produces only high quality products that is backed with solid and extensive research.

Bear in mind that a water ionizer must undergone several required tests and must able to meet high standards for both ionized water system and filter. Also, it is recommended to look for water ionizer that has extended warranty to make sure that you will get the value of your money. Lastly, it is worthwhile to choose a company that manufactures and controls the whole manufacturing process starting from parts testing to final production. One of the most trusted online suppliers of water ionizers is Check out their website to learn more.

5 Favourite Food for Parties


Is your baby girl turning two, or your brother is pursuing postgraduate studies overseas, or your parents’ 40th anniversary coming soon? Whatever party or gathering you are planning to throw, always consider food your crowd pleasers while the centre of the party can surround on your girl, brother or parents. Whether you are catering your own food or ordering them through external parties, here are some no-fail party crowd pleasers bound to keep the gathering lively.

1. Fried/grilled chicken


Choose parts of a chicken that are easy to consume. Drumsticks and wings are top choices due to their excellent flavours. Fried chicken is well accepted by most people, other than your vegan friends. A grilling party enables guests to join in the grilling fun while socialising with new and old friends.

2. Skewered food


Arrange different food to go on skewers! They can very well be a mix and match of green leaves, onions, capsicums, tomatoes, sausages, shrimps and meat cutlets. Play with the colour palette as you skewer on. Season with salt and pepper and grill them. If you wish, you can marinade the meat beforehand to enhance its fragrance. Don’t have a grill? Cook the meat first and skewer it along with lettuce, meatballs and more vegetables. If your friends and family like it, why not make some satays? Try your dipping sauce first so that it will not ruin the meat.

3. Nachos

Nachos or any other chips can go along with a variety of dips. Some of the popular dips can include minced meat which adds in more surprises and satisfies tummies! Throwing a vegan party? Opt for a salsa dip without the meat. Sour cream alone can be a plain, good dip. You can also buy packaged dips in markets.

4. Butter cakes

These are convenient alternatives to heavy desserts filled with cream, loaded with sugar and cheeses. Butter cakes are whimsical party pleasers especially when topped with toasted nuts or sweet raisins, marbled with chocolate batter or swirled with coffee flavour. Buy delectable butter cakes made by Fuji Bakery at your nearest hypermarket. View the list of retail sellers at

5. Sandwich

Sandwiches are effortless to make as long as you assemble the right ingredients. The meat can go from canned sardine to freshly made shredded beef, lamb or poultry. Give it some crunchy bite with fresh cabbages or lettuce. Cheese slices can be serve cold or melted. Add in mayonnaise or other sauces for better flavour. Depending on your taste, you can toast the sandwiches or leave them as they are.

MH370 Malaysia Plane – There Are No Debris Found On The Second Day Of Search Operation



Photo credit to: olorisupergal

The second day of search operation for MH370 Malaysia plane in Indian Ocean was unsuccessful. This is because there were no sightings of debris or anything that can lead to the discovery of the missing plane. However, despite the situation, the search will resume on Saturday with additional vessels to join the search.

According to the experts, the search might be difficult as the searchers have encountered an extremely treacherous sea which is very dangerous. Initially, the search operation was hampered because of the bad weather on Thursday. Fortunately, the condition shows good improvement on Friday.

Meanwhile, the satellite is showing images of objects that are possibly related to the plane that went missing in the seas of south-west of Western Australia. In a press conference, the Malaysian authorities have shared that the vessels were on its way to explore the areas and are expected to get to the vicinity of the object by Saturday.

DIY Cards for Kids

Want to spend some time doing fun things together with your kids? Even if there isn’t any festive season coming up, why not invite your kids to make a card for their grandparents, aunt, father or even friends for simple appreciation? Art crafts stimulate children’s creativity while allowing them to develop logic thinking in the process. They learn to deal with more colours, shapes and crafting skills than they had in the classroom. You can even start it early as soon as they learn how to use stationery! But take caution to always supervise your children when handling with scissors, rulers, pencils or anything with sharp edges.

Surprise the elders with this thoughtful gift and let the kids enjoy the process of blessing others. We offer you some easy card making ideas in this article that you can entertain your kids with.

If you find it difficult to seek crafting materials, order online via Card Craft Buddies on They provide a wide range of stamps, ink, paper, craft tools etc that will help you to improve before you can tutor your kids to craft too!

Collage Card


Make a simple collage from gift wrappers of different motifs. For birthday occasions, do a birthday cake collage! To make things simpler, prepare a graphic of the birthday cake made of shapes that are easy to cut. A big rectangle can represent the cake while thin strips of rectangle can be the candles on top. Have the kids trace the shapes on pretty wrappers or coloured papers, cut them out and paste onto a card. Prepare crayons, glitters, colour pencils and ink pads so that the kids can decorate the birthday cake and draw flames on the “candles”!



Origami Shirt Card


Origami simply means folding paper, but it is fun to do! It gets a little challenging for the kids. All they need is a little practice and they can make delicate origami too. A bone folder can help to crease and fold sharply when making an origami, and is safer than using an aluminium ruler as it may have sharp edges. Make an origami shirt card for a father figure to appreciate him. If the kids intend to gift the card to grandma, fold a dress instead. You can write wordings on the paper apparels, or glue them onto a folded A4 size card then have them write down greetings on the inside of the card. Both apparel origami methods are available online. When picture tutorials just do not suffice, video tutorials will be easier for you to follow up on.

Top Careers With Creative Arts And Design Degree

In the world where technology and communication through different media platforms are developing rapidly, we could say that the creative arts and design industry could go even further. Hence, getting a degree in arts and design is not a bad idea. Creative individuals who carries a degree can have a flourishing career in art and design industry at present and practically at all times.  That is why, young students of this generation opt to land a good career in art and design industry.

On that note, more and more universities and colleges are now offering a degree, diploma and certificate courses in Creative Arts and Design. The school is a great place to learn and develop your creative skills by means of hands on exercises using many different materials. If you study creative arts and design you will be able to explore so many unique and creative experiences that can improve your artistic abilities. Below are the possibilities that you can take once you earn a degree in creative arts and design.


As advertising and fashion industry booms, photography is one of the needed professions that can go well with these two industries. It is one of the most lucrative careers that you can take where you can also enjoy doing what you really love. This profession can open numerous possibilities like working in fields like sports photography, studio photography, fashion photography and event photography.

Audio Production

Audio production studios are growing nowadays. A lot of companies, organizations and individuals are seeking for professional audio services for their events that require impressive music, sound effects and professional audio technician. This career shows a great potential in the years ahead with promising salaries as this job is particularly needed in entertainment world and other creative grounds where you can work as game audio technician, engineer, programmer or designer. You may also work in some production company as part of their sound-tech team.

Graphic Design

If you have the skills of converting simple ideas into creative visual images, then you can be an effective graphic artist. Clients will like you better if you can well interpret and transform their ideas and requirements into a graphic design. If you can creatively play with shapes, colors, layouts and designs fairly well then this could be the right career for you. If you intend to work in big corporations particularly in an advertising agency, equipped yourself by obtaining a degree in creative arts and design and specialize in graphic design.


To date, animation is considered as the highest paying job in arts and design industry. Animation industry is growing and developing fast over the years. That is why animators are mostly getting high salaries as compensation to their unique skills in terms of animation style and techniques that is highly necessary in movie/television production as well as video games.

Types of Door Locks for Home Security

When considering the security of your home, it is important to know what types of lock do your home use, and what other options are available. Compare between these locks before installing for optimum functionality, as some are more suitable indoors and the rest are better fit for exterior doors. Below we list down some of the most common security door locks.

(i)            Privacy lockset

This lockset is used internally for privacy over security reasons. There is a locking button on the inside only, which can be mounted into a knob or a lever.

(ii)          Mortice lock


A mortice lock requires a mortice to be fitted in, which the mortice is cut into the door. There are two kinds of mortice locks – sashlock and deadlock. Sashlock has a latch and a bolt, and the bolt is operated by key. Deadlock is usually used with a nightlatch and has only one bolt, which is also operated by key. More security can be provided with more number of levers. Installing five-lever mortice deadlocks for your entrances will grant you insurance coverage, sometimes even up to 5% off home contents insurance premiums.

(iii)         Cylinder lock

Euro cylinders are used on sliding doors and timber doors. There are 3 common types: single cylinder, double cylinder, and single cylinder with thumbturn. The difference between a single and a double cylinder is that double cylinders allow key access from both sides. Single cylinder with thumbturn provides key access from one side, and thumbturn from the other.

(iv)         Deadbolt


A door with a deadbolt installed can only be opened by using key or a thumbturn from the inside. As long as it can be opened from the inside, i.e. a person inside the house, the house can be accessed. A double cylinder deadbolt could clear this issue. Deadbolts lock the door to its frame, preventing anyone to pry it open.

(v)          Nightlatch

Unlike a mortice lock, a nightlatch is being mounted onto the door. It is installed only to the interior of the door. It is automatically locked when the door is shut, and is advised to be used as an extra security measure together with another lock. To up your home’s security, double-locking is the most secure type of nightlatch.

Are you in the search for ways to improve your home? Ask for help from EES Steel provides security gates, metal deck, skylight, railing and fence in a large variety plus installation, with excellent aftersales service.

Colour Palette for a Better Workplace


Breaking conventional office designs that loudly spell out the word ‘b-o-r-e-d-o-m’, world’s leading companies have given us all a tour out of the box. Google, as seen in the movie The Internship, has slides that not only are aesthetically pleasing, they also serve as an untraditional way of travelling down the office during rush hours. Google also provides its employees a time to snooze off at comfy booths. Then it’s time for work after a full recharge. I’d be lucky to be placed in its New York headquarters.

An office is a stressful place to be. It’s a fact, regardless of your position. A design that has been given much thought into is inviting to your visitors and employees, and makes an office a lively spot to work in. Should you need professional assistance, Archideco Design offers contemporary office interior design for the thoughtful ones with their team of designers at

The colour theme of an office can quickly play out the spirit of employees. We see offices with a set of matching furniture, or simply a spill of paints, and then piles of paperwork stranded on every corner available. While some brands sternly follow a certain colour palette – Groupon gets lime green and white – but they showed us that a standard palette can be fun to work on.

If you are exploring the possibilities of paint colours that are suited for your office, you can experiment with fun paint colours that do not have to go round the neutral palette. Give some time to observe how your employees can be affected, and change the wall colours after some time.

Less expensive paints do not last as long as the good set of office furniture – after a few renovations, the furniture would probably still stick around, and they are probably neutral coloured, which is all the more reason that there should be a breakthrough of an office colour theme.


Work on different colours that can arouse creativity, energy, warmth and calmness. Some colours work together to build up certain atmosphere. For example, Starbucks outlets are painted in deep green and maroon to bring warmth, togetherness and comfort. This colour palette is excellent for welcoming families and friends to enjoy a cuppa together.

Other than paint colours, lighting is another important aspect to look at. Good, sufficient lighting in a room is crucial for creating spaciousness, enhancing decorations, and of course, helping you to see well. Entrance and hallways should be clearly lit. Also, make sure the dark corners are properly illuminated as they are often ignored.