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About NPC

The National Productivity Corporation (NPC) is a statutory organization under the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI). As a ISO 9001:2000, certified organisation (Registration No. AR1404), They are committed to render excellent service quality specifically to the industries and public in general. Their prime goal is to facilitate the industry to enhance their P&Q initiatives for better competitiveness at the local and international levels.

It is also formerly known as the National Productivity Centre, was established in 1962 as a joint project between the United Nations Special Fund and the Federal Government, with the International Labour Organisation acting as its executing agency.

In 1966, the National Productivity Council (Incorporation) Act No. 19 was passed making the Centre an autonomous body. It was later amended as the National Productivity Council (Incorporation) (Amendment) Act A305 1975, to cater for expansion of the Centre’s role. This act was subsequently amended as the National Productivity Centre (Incorporation) (Amendment) Act A801 1991.

With the Act coming into effect on 1 December 1991, the National Productivity Council became the National Productivity Corporation. In keeping with the expanded role of the Corporation, the Act was further amended to become National Productivity Corporation (Incorporation)(Amendment) Act 1995.

Products and Services

Their prime goal is to facilitate the industry to enhance their P&Q initiatives for better competitiveness at the local and international levels.

In their strive towards greater competitiveness through enhanced P&Q, NPC has in line numerous P&Q Products and Services that could assist your industry.

Some of their P&Q Products and Services are:

  • Training
  • Systems Development
  • Productivity Report
  • Total Factor Productivity (TFP)
  • Resource Information Centre
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Top Courses at Northern Consulting

iso9001Northern Consulting Sdn. Bhd. is a consulting and training firm that specialises in environmental, health, information security, safety and quality control training programmes. We are also able to offer a diverse range of tailor-made courses customized to suit your personal and organizational requirements. These are just some of our most popular courses that are gaining demand from the market:

i) Automotive – ISO 9001 Consultant

Based on the ISO 9001 requirement, the ISO/TS16949 certification aims to improve the quality management system, as well as to focus on defect prevention and the reduction of variation & waste in the supply chain. The ISO/TS16949 is applicable for installation and servicing of automotive-related products, as well as production and design/development. There are a total of 10 sub-courses available, ranging from understanding the purpose of the ISO/TS16949 to Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) and Statistical Process Control (SPC).

ii) Environmental Management System – ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is an internationally-recognised certification related to Environmental Management Standard (EMS). The purpose of this certification is to ensure the relevant organisations are environmentally-conscious while in the pursuit of profits. On top of that, the ISO 14001 is a global standard that defines the requirements for the design and implementation of the Environmental Management System, which in turn, helps to maintain control on the measurement and improvement of the natural resource management as well as disposal by the company. As the environmental is an issue that affects everyone, ISO 14001 is applicable to company, regardless of size or industry. A total of 10 sub-courses are available for the ISO 14001, which ranges from understanding the purpose of the certification to Internal Environment Audit of ISO 14001:2004 as well as other emphasis related to Chemical Health Risk Assessment (CHRA), Industrial Waste Management and Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS).

iii) Food Safety – ISO 22000 & HACCP/Food Handler Programme

A total of 12 sub-courses are available for the Food Safety Management System. The course will cover the understanding of both ISO 22000 certification as well as the purpose of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP). This form of certification is especially applicable to every company or organisation involving in the food industry. The successful implementation of the internationally-recognised ISO 22000 standards helps to benefit organisations in many areas. Upon completion of the programme, companies will be able to update a food safety management system, hence ensuring that food products are safe for human consumption and subsequently increasing customer satisfaction via systematic analysis pertaining to food safety and quality. Companies will also be able to communicate efficiently regarding to any food-related matters to their suppliers and customers.

On the other hand, there is also a Food Handler Programme which covers a list of important topics, such as understanding the purpose of Akta Makanan 1983 (Food Act 1983), safe consumption, hygiene & sanitation as well as prevention on food poisoning. The Food Handler Programme is applicable to any food handlers operating in the following sectors including:

- Food factory or food storage warehouse.

- Food premise (school canteen/office/factory/kiosk, stall, restaurant, catering and night market)

- Hotels, motels and resorts

- Childcare centres

- Bakery/Confectionery shops

- Supermarkets and hypermarkets

iv) Human Resource Development

A total of 12 sub-courses are available for the Human Resource Development & Management Skills. This includes effective filing & record systems, employee misconduct & disciplinary procedures, quality customer service, team building & development, sexual harassment in the workplace, as well as stress management and strategic knowledge management.

v) Laboratory

The ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard is an important certification required for the competence to perform tests and/or calibrations using three types of methods: standard, non-standard and laboratory development. This form of certification is applicable to every laboratory, and also crucial for developing their management system related to quality administrative and technical operations. The course will cover six topics such as overall understanding on the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 & calibration, as well as Measurement Uncertainty (MU) and internal audit of the particular certification.

vi) Medical Studies

There are two types of ISO certifications available for the medical-related industry. The first type, ISO 13485:2003, is applicable for organisations to demonstrate its ability to provide medical devices and other relevant services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. The second, ISO 15189:2007, is applicable for use by medical laboratories in developing quality management systems and assessing their own competence. A total of six topics will be covered in this course.

vii) Quality Management Systems

ISO 9001 is a global-recognised certification used to specify for the Quality Management Systems. This certification enables the company or organisation to implement quality systems and processes to improve good customer service, as well as increasing the competency & productivity of employees through training. There are total of eight topics covered in this course.

viii) Occupational Health & Safety – OHS

What to Expect from LASIK Surgery

lasikLASIK is one of the most commonly heard and popular type of eye surgeries that help correct the vision by utilizing laser to reshape the inner part of the cornea. Here is what you should expect upon deciding on LASIK surgery:

- Prior to LASIK surgery, you are required to undergo a LASIK suitability assessment or a full eye examination at OPTIMAX. This is because not everyone is suitable for laser eye surgery.

- If you are soft contact lens wearers, it is recommended that you discontinue using the lenses for 1 to 2 weeks prior to LASIK assessment. As for the semi hard or RGP contact lens wearers, it is recommended that you discontinue using the lenses for at least 1 month.

- The LASIK assessment or full eye examination takes about 2 to 3 hours to complete the whole procedure. This is to ensure everything related to the laser eye treatment can be safely executed with minimal risk.

- During the full eye examination, you will undergo several tests including amblyopia, visual acuity, refraction, external ocular muscle assessment, intraocular crystalline lens examination, external eye examination, ocular crystalline lens examination, fundus eye examination, corneal topography (corneal mapping), corneal pachymetry (corneal thickness), colour vision test and dry eye assessment.

- In case you are not suitable for LASIK treatment, OPTIMAX provides other alternative eye treatments including Implantable Contact Lenses (ICL), Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE), Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) lens and Ortho-K lens.

- Bear in mind that LASIK surgery do come with side effects, even though they only occur in the short-term period during the recovery process. Among the more common side effects are temporary dry eyes (this can be relieved using artificial tears or lubricant eye drops) and minor vision fluctuation.

Types of Server

Web hosting is a service that is essential for anyone wants to host a website. If you are looking to publish a website, it is a must that you should buy a hosting.

What it is?

A hosting is a web service that helps to resolve the nameserver. Now what is nameserver? Nameserver is an alias which connects the domain names to its website. The domain is the name of the website or the URL that we type to open a website. And the nameservers points at the hosting servers that have the website file.

How does it work?

Whenever a person types a url in his browser the internet provider tries to find the nameserver fixed for the domain name. Once found the files for the particular domain name are downloaded from the server to the user end and thus the user can see a website.

Types of Server

There are different kinds of server for the different kind of user:

Free hosting: these are hosting services which are free of cost and any one can host a website here. These are best for demo websites and for those who do not have much budget for the hosting.

Normal Hosting: these are the hosting that you can find on any hosting provider’s plan. There are different plans under this category. Depending on the space, bandwidth and other factors the cost of the plans are determined. You can host almost any kind of website here.

Dedicated server: these are normally for those who need a data security and other premium facilities. These servers will have unique ip address for the websites and also you will have a user friendly control panel with all the advanced options and facilities.

Reseller: these are a bit costly web hosting that is available in the market. The facilities offered in these plans are really of high quality and you can choose these hosting if you have a good amount of budget only.

Collocation: Server collocation services are on another level, they provide server space, power, cooling system, cabinets in large scale at datacenter level. You could rent a server collocation from service provider like

Choosing a server

Depending on your need you must choose a server. If you are looking to host a wordpress blog or a normal website you can choose the minimal plan where you can host only one website. But in case you are the owner of a company that will have a lots of client then it is better to choose a comparatively costly plan that will allow you more space and also unlimited number of website hosting facility. While choosing a server plan also you need to check the specifications you are getting in compared to the price you are paying. It is always essential to pay right amount for what you get. So, you need to compare several hosting service providers for the perfect price for the perfect hosting service. Lastly, everything comes at a price. So, do not go for something that comes at a less price. Check well, before you select a plan and it is essential that it should match your requirements. So, keep your head on, make sure to check everything and choose the proper hosting that you need.

The Jewel of Kedah, Langkawi

langkawiAlso known as the Jewel of Kedah, the once-cursed island of Langkawi has since become one of the most sought-after island destinations in Malaysia. Attracting both local and foreign tourists from around the world, Langkawi is more than just a beach spot. Thanks to the legends and myths surrounding Langkawi, there are various spots piping with mystique, local beliefs and culture waiting to be visited.

To begin with things to do in Langkawi, there is Mahsuri Mausoleum, the final resting place of the young woman who had laid a curse on Langkawi for seven generations. The Lake of The Pregnant Maiden and Air Hangat are two other attractions with a tale behind them. Setting aside folklores to appreciate the beauty Langkawi has to offer, you can choose to snorkel and get up close of the beautiful marine life and corals at the Pulau Payar Marine Park. Alternatively, you can go island-hopping to one of the 99 islands that make up the Langkawi archipelago of islands or jet-ski in the open sea via Mega Water Sports. Not only that, adventurous visitors can stretch their muscles at the Skytrex outdoor adventure park. From scaling to gliding through the jungle, the choice is aplenty as long as you are up for something physically challenging. For sightseeing tours, immerse in the gorgeous flora and fauna at the Langkawi Mangrove Forest or take an eagle-watching tour in Tanjung Rhu.

Those who simply want to do nothing can chill at Telaga Tujuh, Pantai Pasir Tengkorak and Pantai Cenang beaches and waterfalls. Even those who don’t usually indulge in retail therapy will find it hard to resist the bargains at the duty-free stores and the many local delights at the Langkawi night market.

A Strategic Development in Sungai Besi

the vyneThe Vyne is a high-end, upmarket leasehold condominium that consists of two phases known as Trellis (Block A and B) and Liana (Block C and D). The Phase 1 development was fully occupied following the tremendous response from the public.

The second phase – Liana – is currently open up for sale. The Phase 2 Liana development comes with four types of condominium layouts, ranging from Type A (855sf, 1 master bedroom), Type B (1106 sf, 1 master bedroom + 2 bedrooms), Type C (1260 sf, 1 master bedroom + 2 bedrooms) and Type D (1449 sf, 1 master bedroom + 2 bedrooms).

Both blocks C and D for Liana have a total of 23 floors. Liana is also equipped with three elevators and each floor has a maximum of eight units. The price of Liana starts from RM400,000 to RM950,000 per unit. Owners will be pleased that each Liana unit has a balcony overlooking the panoramic view of Kuala Lumpur city’s prominent landmarks such as KL Tower and Petronas Twin Towers. Each unit is well-equipped with three-tier security system, as access card will be provided for the owners to access the floors. Such system is to prevent unwanted guests from entering the floors. On top of that, there will be a team of highly-trained security officers patrolling the condominium around the clock to maintain safety, so the owners are able to have a peace of mind.

The Vyne also comes with a wealth of facilities, including an artificial rock-climbing wall, a glass-room gymnasium, jogging track, squash court as well as sauna & steam room. Since The Vyne is specially created with nature in mind, owners can rejuvenate while strolling around the 2-acre landscaped gardens or swimming in a large pool. Not only that, The Vyne has an outdoor BBQ area, poolside bistro, mini-theatre, multi-purpose hall, prayer room, games room and reading room.

Best of all, The Vyne is strategically located in Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur and surrounded by four major highways – The KL-Seremban Highway, Federal Highway, KL-Putrajaya Highway and Pantai Baru Expressway for easy access. Major shopping malls such as Berjaya Times Square, Mid Valley Megamall and The Gardens Mall are just a stone throw’s away from the condominium where owners can easily access via driving distance. Residents need not worry about getting groceries as well since there is a 24-hour hypermarket NSK located within the distance.

5 Important Factors to Consider When Choosing an Accounting System

accountingGone are the days where you have to use plain old calculators (although those devices are still useful!) and journal to keep your accounting record manually. Instead, life is made easier with the existence of accounting system to keep tab on the monetary flow of your businesses. However, not all accounting system is created equal. So, before you made your business decision to purchase an accounting system, here are the five important factors you should take note:

1. User-friendliness

Yes, nothing is more frustrating than an accounting system that requires a rocket science to utilise it properly. Besides, an accounting system that is easy to operate and easy to understand is not only beneficial to you, but also your employee who is involved as well.

2. Software/customer support

What’s the point of purchasing an accounting system if there’s no after-sales support at all? That means always remember to buy software that has support such as user manual (either in printed booklet or online description) or local one-on-one support where you can contact the relevant technical support / customer service.

3. Able to integrate with other tools

Each company has their own way of running the businesses. That means not all companies are relying solely on an accounting system alone. Some companies need to utilise different applications to manage various business operations such as CRM (customer relationship management) system or e-commerce platform. So, make sure your accounting system is able to integrate with other business management applications.

4. Price

You may have enough monetary flow to purchase the most expensive accounting system for your business. But ask yourself this question: is it really worth the price? That means expensive accounting system doesn’t guarantee it helps run your business smoothly, especially if it happens to be difficult to operate. So, whether the price is expensive or affordable, your accounting system should fit the specific needs of your business. This, in turn, will make your daily accounting tasks with minimum fuss and more accessible.

5. Business growth

Unless you are not planning to grow your business, it is crucial that you purchase accounting software malaysia which has an upgradable application.




3 Easy Ways To Be Beautiful

beautifulEvery woman wants to be beautiful and attractive. But sadly, not all of us are born naturally beautiful and look like a goddess. Good thing, this is not a problem with our time today. There are a lot of safe and scientific ways to get that long dreamed beautiful face, skin, and body. Gone are those days when you have to sulk and blame your genes for not having the best skin or eyes or shape of body.

But instead of changing ourselves totally that even our own self does not recognize us anymore like undergoing a very invasive plastic surgery as a way of getting beautiful, there is a better way. And that is to enhance what you already have. What then are the best parts of our body, which will make us more beautiful if enhanced?

First is the face. Of course this is the very first part of our body that is being recognized. To leverage on that first moments when people see us for the first time (this is also applicable to those who are close to us and we see everyday or often), we have to look pleasant. To look pleasing in the eye means looking polished and clean. The face skin should be soft and smooth without blemishes. And the eyes look alive and glowing without dark circles and stress while our lips should be looking red and supple. Not to mention a full head of healthy hair. So services like face lift, treatment for eyes dark circles, face skin treatments for acne, birthmarks, scars, etc. and even hair loss treatment are among those of the best treatments we can get to stay or become more beautiful.

Second is our body skin. Our skin is very important and should always look smooth, young and fresh. This will determine our age and our vitality. And skin looking old and crinkled should be avoided. Early prevention of skin aging should be in place to enjoy a glowing skin even in our older days. But we can’t really do this all alone because we don’t have enough knowledge on how to fight skin aging. That’s why professionals are there like the doctors at the Clinic Medi-i to help us achieve our goals in prolonging our youth.

And last is our body. Our body is wonderful in every sense because it lets us do all the activities that we need to do. But apparently, our body also needs to be attractive. And bringing along extra weight is not attractive. That’s why we need to keep a healthy range of weight for us to stay lean and sexy and most importantly healthy and fit. But not all of us have the discipline to do this, but never worry as experts offer many services for enhancing the body like weight management, fat reduction and body sculpting, liposuction and platelet rich plasma.

But of course, before undergoing all of these, it is important that the body and mind are healthy so it’s best to choose a clinic, which is also concerned about your overall wellness like Clinic Medi-I at

Sleeve Gastrectomy – What You Should Know

sleeveThe best way to lose weight healthily is to change a person’s diet and lifestyle. But, this may not be of much help to certain people. Even medications fail to be of assistance for them. In such an instance, they are left with no choice, but to go for a surgery.

The surgery

This is the way to go if you want to have a surgery with minimal complications. To be honest, it is the most popular among the numerous options available in the field. According to surgeons in the US, this alone came up to 40% bariatric surgeries performed in the US.

How it works

This is a laparoscopic surgery where your stomach gets reduced to a small pouch. It changes from the shape of a football to that of a banana. This becomes possible when its upper round part gets removed. This, known as fundus is the part of the body that produces the hormone designed to control your appetite. Even though up to 75% of your stomach is removed, the process maintains the natural anatomy of the body.

Tips to prepare

Know that Sleeve Gastrectomy is a drastic measure. If you want to get the most from it, you should prepare your body for the operation.

  1. Start an all-liquid diet at least two weeks before the surgery. This may vary based on your physical condition or your doctor’s recommendations.
  2. Alter your grocery habits. Buy those items capable of giving you the protein your body needs in the liquid form. You will have to continue it until such a time that your doctor allows you to change into solid foods.
  3. Quit smoking. If not, your surgeon will simply refuse to perform the operation.

Changes to expect

The first thing you should remember when having a meal after the surgery is that your stomach is capable of holding just 15 ounces of food. Prior to that, it was able to hold up to 6 cups and more if required. This makes it a must that you divide your meals and chew well before letting the food go into your stomach. A failure to do so may create great trouble. The process may create slight discomfort in the beginning. But, it will go on its own after a few days. To be honest, the surgery will forcefully teach you to have your meals in the proper way at the right time. Combine it with a healthy lifestyle and a good workout routine. You will stay healthy for long.


The surgery is the last resort for most of the doctors. However, it is far better than living with obesity waiting for a deteriorating disease like diabetes. If you are someone undergoing medications, your mode of therapy may change a bit. The surgeon may ask you to have the same as liquid. You may even be allowed to have the tablets crushed along with your meals. Take care to abide with the instructions you receive from your doctor.


Introducing Maxis Broadband

maxis-homeThe desire to stay connected to the world from one’s home is quite natural. Combine it with unrestricted data usage and support to other devices, it becomes all the more exciting! This is what you get if you subscribe for Maxis Fibre. Following are the other benefits the plan has in store for you.

  • Uninterrupted Internet: Maxis is known for its ability to offer an Internet experience with minimum interruptions. Its coverage may appear slightly limited when compared to its competitors. Still, you are sure to enjoy excellence of quality at a reasonable rate with Maxis Fibre.
  • Utmost flexibility: The Company offers numerous packages with varying prices. It implies that you can go for the one your budget allows.
  • Personalized customer support: You may be a first-time fibre user. Still, installation and other formalities will be just a breeze with Maxis. Your request for a new connection gets fulfilled within 72 hours.
  • Free voice calls: The firm offers free voice calls worth RM30 per month. It is available for fixed numbers, mobile phones and to IDD destinations.

You don’t even have to leave your home to pay the bill. Just use the web portal designed for the purpose.

Your options

Maxis is a firm that believes in high speed Internet even for its basic consumers. For this reason, the entry offer here is 10MBPS. You can even go for 20, 30 or 100 megabytes per second as per your requirement. Whatever is your option, free installation, unrestricted usage of data and free voice calls remain the same.  However, make sure that your area has fibre coverage before requesting for a new connection. And, new 100MBPS subscribers are recommended to check if this new package can be installed in your area. If you are someone using Maxis One plan, you are eligible for entitled for huge discounts irrespective of the package you choose.

The 30-day return plan

A good return policy indicates the manufacturer’s great confidence in a particular product. If you decide to subscribe to Maxis Fibre, you are offered this great freedom. Use the service for one month and return it if you are not satisfied with it. You will get a full refund of your investment with no questions asked.


If you are a Googler, you will definitely be familiar with Chromecast. The device allows you to enjoy streaming videos from wherever you want in your home. Just connect it with the TV, PC or anything you want from your Smartphone and enjoy as much as you want. Controlling the content you want to enjoy is just the matter of pressing a few buttons on your device. Take care to ensure that your TV and the device you choose are located in the same network. The company website offers instructions on the supported platforms. Contacting a Maxis outlet too will help you stay safe from unwanted troubles.

You don’t have to visit a faraway place to enjoy this facility. Get the device from your nearest Maxis store.

Maxis Fibre may be new. But, it is a venture worth exploring. The company promises a brighter prospect for its loyal customers. Besides, most of its plans are less expensive than the ones its competitors offer.

Tips for an effective job search


With the dawn of the internet, the horizon for job search has expanded. Job search methods have revolutionized and reshaped the way professionals work these days. However, now that all the job vacancies in the world can easily be looked for online, it provides you with many vacancies that are not pertinent to your skill set. Hence as a job seeker, you might tend to waste more time reviewing listings that are meaningless to you. So how does one refine job search methods to save on time and effort?

  • Use advanced search options – when searching for vacancies at job portals, use advanced search options to narrow down your search criteria. It is best to be clear about what you are looking for from the onset; and specify your keywords accordingly. For example, if you are looking for jobs related to accounting, you may as well specify if you need to search for job titles such as “accountant” or job titles such as “auditor”. This will help narrow down the context of your search and will produce relevant results accordingly. Additionally, job recruitment websites such as (Jawatan Kosong) give job seekers the option of narrowing the search results according to the industry in which the job is being sought. For example, some job seekers may want to work in the food industry only, while others might prefer the cement sector.
  • Shortlist your preferred companies – searching for a particular job may produce search results from all kinds of companies, whether they are small to mid sized or larger corporations. Depending on your qualification and personal preferences, you may be inclined to work for a certain type of company. Some people may choose to work for large corporations due to their perks and benefits, while others may want a less demanding job in a small or medium enterprise. Whatever the case may be, it helps to narrow down your search accordingly. Some websites offer the option of searching jobs by the company (name wise), while others may ask you to narrow down your search results by choosing the size of the company in terms of the employees it has.
  • Do not overlook important aspects – keep in mind that while attempting to narrow down the search, you would not want to overlook key factors that go into job search. You might have inadvertently missed out on important keywords in an attempt to keep your search criteria short and strict. By doing so, you may be missing out on some key opportunities by the borderline. Hence always continue to revise and improve your search criteria keeping in mind your requirements.

In conclusion, job seeking portals and professional networking websites provide more ways than one to look for the right jobs. It is up to the job seeker to be able to refine their search criteria and methods in order to produce results that are better suited to their requirements. The idea is to reduce the time spend on searching for jobs and to ensure that results are relevant and meaningful.